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Welcome to Episode 57 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

Changes on Google's Local Search means that less of the "Local 7" are shown. Google has even removed the phone numbers so that you have to click to make your decision rather than just search for a plumber and get a number. If you want to be on this listing you have to be something people search for!

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Today, I wanna talk about Google's update to local search. I don't know if you notice but about a month ago Google updated how local search works. You may remember that in the past, when you search for say a plumber in Austin, you would get a listing but you also get what the people call the local 7 pack, it would show up with 7 businesses in the area that you're searching and they were linkable they had a pop up fly out business card that would come out, a bunch of things like that, it changed, and now, only 3 businesses are displayed. The other thing that was interesting is, now, not only is just 3 businesses displayed but no business addresses or phone numbers are displayed, so it's not real quick and easy. You just search for somebody and you look at the list. The idea was to out some white back on the organic search, the actual listings below them and make you click something because it was too convenient for you to just search for plumbers in Austin, see a list of 7 of them and start dialing. Now, you have to choose one and click. A lot of that is because of modeled, the list of 7 which is just too many to scroll through I guess on a cellphone, list of 3 is a lot easier. So, what does that mean for you, the top 3 results will be in a rotation, so it won't be the exact same ones. So, initially, if you're thinking, well, this is gonna make harder for me to be found on there because we're going down from 7 to 3. Well, yes or no, like I said, the rotation will help, so you'll get up there but again, you have to be what people are searching for. The other thing is that with no actual clicks or no actual information they won't be dialing in, if you have your website listed, they can click on that and go to your website but it will put plumbers, it will put hours, it will put things like that and you people can click directions. So, again, a physical location is a good thing. The organic results are really gonna have a lot more power now because people may scroll through those first 3, one cents, it doesn't say much about the company and it doesn't have contact info, those scroll down to the actual organic search results, what that means for you is that if you're doing what we call content marketing, you're blogging, you're podcasting, if you're doing all these things, then, chances are you're going higher in organic, so it add weight to content marketing which is excellent. The other really big thing is, I guess the thing that you should do to be found better is no. 1, claim your my Google page listing, your business listing. If you don't have your My Google Business Listing, then create it. Again, if you have problem with that, let me know, I would be happy to help you. It's not hard, it's maybe hard to send out all the details well but, so, you wanna do that. You wanna grab or claim your business listing, you wanna add a long and unique description, that is formatted and contains lengths, you want all that. You wanna choose the correct category for your business. Again, because, Google really just wants to give the best results for the person searching. So, put the good info in. Then also, another big thing, upload a lot of high resolution photos. As you can, I definitely say, the profile image needs to be a nice, high resolution ones and the cover photo, the things like that, the profile, how it looks will be important but just the sheer volume of photos is a good thing too. If it doesn't have a local phone number, then add it. I can't stress that enough because people are searching on their cellphones, they are gonna click on that phone number, they are gonna call you. Make sure that the business address that is listed there is consistent with the address that's on your website and other local directories. So, if you have  a home office and you have another office, you got to figure out which one you're gonna do and that's the one you need to list. So, definitely, take care that stuff, clean all that up and the new update to Google's local search isn't really gonna hurt you. It's actually gonna be pretty good. Let's talk a little bit about the SEO part of it, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and that really just means being found on Google. Add in your city or region in your description, so if you're in Austin plumber or a like let's say West Lake area of Last Austin plumber, then say, Austin West Lake area be caves, put that in the thing and again, definitely put in lots of images, on the images, use the Alt tags which are the description and things like that. Use those and fill them with good stuff and that's it. And there are some other little things down the road but these are the most important things you can do. So again, Google changes their algorithm, they do it every month and a half, sometimes it's a little longer, sometimes it's a little sooner and things change, they tweak, they change how things are found because they are trying to get the best results for you as a searcher and it pays to stay up to date, pay attention, to the right things. So I hope that helps. Make sure that you have all that filled out and you should have no trouble being found especially when you combine that content marketing.

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