Ep 58 – You’re Failing At Twitter

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Welcome to Episode 58 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

You may not be doing Twitter correctly. If you are advertising via twitter you should always follow those who either follow you or follow the people you want to follow you. If you want to offer someone specific something you should always follow them first then ask them that way it is not a one sided "buy my stuff". It never hurts to follow others on Twitter.

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Today, I wanna focus on Twitter. There are some things you're doing wrong in Twitter. I take that back, maybe you got it perfect but there is a lot of people doing this wrong. The main thing is, when you are trying to connect with somebody and this happened to me earlier today. Somebody sent me a message saying "hey, I got this new app, will you give it a try?". Okay so, that publicly by tagging me in that, puts it on my timeline, puts it on their timeline. So, it's a very public thing, I can't just go send them a direct message, it was interesting to me, they're after is I wanted to check it out but again I don't want to be seen as promoting their product just yet because I know nothing about it right now. So, I tried to direct message him, I cannot, why not? They are not following me, well, what does that tell me, what does that say to me. It says, hey! buy my stuff but I am not even gonna bother to follow you and I bet they were following 20 people and it was all different divisions of their company and things like that. It does not hurt you to follow people. So, give them that connection. If you're online and all you're doing is spitting out about it is you can do for other people, they're gonna turn you out real quick and in fact, what I did first I followed them, thinking okay, I will direct message, because I can't direct message if I am not following, then I saw they were not following me, I unfollowed them and I walked away. I have no interest in starting a public conversation and "hey!, whoever let me see what it is, follow me and we'll talk privately". I don't want to go through all that back and forth. There is no interest there. If you want my business, you need to make it a little bit easier. So, think about, twitter is a great tool for connecting with people and companie. It is perfect, I have used it to connect directly with the SEO of the company because they have a twitter account and they are active on twitter but I do them the respect of following them, reading their tweets and seeing what it is they are tweeting about because that means I took the time to learn about them. I didn't just send immediately a tweet "hey, buy my stuff, use my services". That just doesn't work, so, if you are on Twitter, take the time, follow them and show them that they are important to you.

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