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Welcome to Episode 64 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

Marketing techniques are changing rapidly. Don't let a marketing company sell you a strategy from 50 years ago. You should always embrace change when it is needed because it can really help your company grow.

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

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Hey everybody! welcome back to the marketing drive. I'm Chris Doelle and this is a show where I use my commute time to talk about one actionable marketing idea. This is another episode where, I'm not actually driving to a client, I am walking in the neighborhood but I'm so motivated to talk about the subject that I have to break up the phone, start recording. Today I wanna talk about the future of marketing versus the past of marketing, there is so many people who dare their view of marketing is something that came out of the book 50 years ago and as you know times and marketing and sales techniques are moving faster than ever, it's kind of an exponential speeding up of everything, so be careful when you're meeting with maybe a potential company who's trying to get you to advertise or something like that. Be careful that they are not trying to sell you a model that does not work anymore. Because I have discovered one thing in my marketing career, in my 30 years of doing this, is that, the things that I do today will not be the things I do tomorrow, certainly once the same thing I did yesterday, and that's really, I guess the strength of why my company has done well, has been because we embrace change, not change for change's sake but we know, we understand, that the marketplace is changing every day. Sometime evey hours, so we have to make sure that ahead of that, that is why you are here in this show, you're here on a new stuff, we are talking about blab just a couple episode to go, in the grand scheme of marketing, it's brand new on the scene. In the scheme of marketing, as it is now, it's actually old already, it's like 6 months old. It's a point where you better already have a strategy, know what you're doing in music or forget about it, which is to say it, you never ever want to go back to an older technology, not at all, there are some older technologies that are tried to truth but you have to make sure you're using them in the most effective ways using them, well it's like this, this is audio, this technology has been around since before television, it's been around since Mark Coney but things have changed, it has evolved. The delivery system, the scheduling, all of that has changed, even podcasting. I did my first podcast, over 11 years ago. It's been around a very long time, but it too has evolved and changed and now there are so many opportunities, surrounding just the use of audio, things that you can do to help get your company out there, get noticed, get seen as an expert and something, lots of stuff, you just have to have a good strategy so what you should not take away from this message, I think the thing you have to be careful not to take away is to the used n everything to brand new. Definitely don't do that because you know you're in the business of selling widgets, plumbing whatever it is, you are in the business, you're not in the business of finding the best brand new marketing tools or on top resources for reaching your audience, influencing buyers, that's not your business, of my business. I've got to try everything, I've got to, this test iterate and figure out what works and more importantly, use my experience to take a look at a new technology and go other brilliant, if they did this instead, did this something slightly different, than the initial I guess inventors imagined then it's useful, and again I mentioned blab again just because it's probably the newest thing air right now. And I saw something there, I saw you know, blab came on under the sea, people are just talking bla bla bla, and it's like a personal talk show but instead I kinda look at it like you know, this is like a great platform for you to be seen as an expert. Let's say, you do, you are an architect, well, you invite other experts in your field or better yet in related fields to come on to a weekly show and talk about their expertise, you are the host, you are the driving force, you are the one asking questions, of giving you plenty of opportunities to mention what you but that actually goes without saying that's kind of a settle tea that you don't worry about, you don't view this as an infomercial about you, it's an opportunity for you to reward and recognize, people who you work with and again it doesn't have to be your company can be in different companies, people that you're partner with, collaborate with, gives you an opportunity to make them look better, that strengthens your relationship with them, it also gets them some publicity and gets you seen as they come to spot, they go to spot for giving the type of information, they key is to have a message, make sure you know what the show's theme is and don't change it up or if you do, if that's the theme, then it's gonna be different all the time, that's fine but your listenership your viewership, they will come to expect something from you in its content, that's also frequency, so don't do 4 shows in the first week and then not do anything for 3 months. So instead, you want a month, it's model you can handle and you don't have to worry about it, i guess confusing your audience because they can come to understand, hey here is he’s gonna do wanna about us once a month, if you are off by say, we could day or something like that it's not a big deal. That's just one example. There are technologies coming out every  single day, look at the disruptive companies out there, look at the folks like Airbnb and Uber, companies that are totally changing their market, not saying you need to go changing your market but learn from them and learn what they're doing. How they're making their money, hoe they're becoming billion dollar companies is by taking a look what is out there, in this case it was technology, it was so from technology, the ability to search for a place to stay at somebody's house tonight or search for, her I need to ride I'd love to pay on the cellphone and not worry about cash and how much do I tip to driver and all that stuff. I just wanna use this technology pay, it shows up, I get in, I drive, ride with him, get dropped off, it's the same on transaction. So the key there to what made that work was they paid attention to technology and they took a loot at, uhm how can I use this, to make the story short, we got a couple of options, pay attention to things like that, if you see something, if you come with an idea of a new way to do something, give it a try or do something like give me a call, hey what do you think about this and I may either have the same experience with it or I wanna give it a try with you or stay tuned in to shows like this where you get good marketing sales and business device. I'm gonna close this one right now and thank you again for tuning in, this has been the marketing drive, I am Chris Doelle, reminding you, to keep it real.

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