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Welcome to Episode 65 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

Giving to your clients can really boost your bottom line. Clients who receive respect, generosity, and a great service will in turn reciprocate what they received with customer loyalty, sharing with their friends and much more.

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Marketing Drive. I am Chris Doelle and this is another walking episode because I don't have a client to go see today and using the opportunity to get a walk in, try to get a little bit of exercise right? release some of endorphin and that's the subject today is endorphin. It must to be 30, 40 years ago when robert told gennie team up with his broke about reciprocation of the principle of  reciprocation in marketing which is, if you unaware of this, it's basically you give things to people, potential customers and they will feel obligated to reciprocate and do something nice to you, zig ziglar, one of his most famous lines that is quoted by everybody is "if you have enough people, get what they want, you'll get what you want". It's another way of saying the exact same thing of another really good book out, I can't remember the author right now but the book is called Giver's game and again the idea is that if you are generous it comes back to you, it comes back to you in customer loyalty, but I want to take it from a slightly different angle of you know, there are things that you can do, I've got a client who does airconditioning, he puts in air conditioning systems, repairs them heating systems all that stuff in Houston area and has a slaying business and the reason it's slicing is not because he offers and air condition than some of the AC company offer but they all can get the same stuff. That's not a differentiator, what makes him different is the above and beyond portion of what he does. He's not chasing after that praise point that waist to the bottom to see who can be walmart, you know, he's not after that at all, he has clients and they fully expect to pay because he's very good at what he does but what he does that makes him standout is the customer service portion. He goes above and beyond in the little things like explaining things to the customer, not in the salesly pitchy way, saying hey, you don't get this, you know you are screwed, he does not do anything like that, he said, here is your options and he doesn't come out it form a fear factor of you have to buy this from me, he comes at it from "hey I am here to help you" I will support you in whatever decision you make, I just want you to have all the information and in the top of that, I know it sounds silly but he does an amazing job cleaning up that door and you know again back in the day, back in my father's time, that was expected, that was, everybody did that, if you come in and work on somebody something you clean up there to yourself and you make it nicer than it was when you got there. There is one thing I learn, me and my father a long time ago, you know, when I started working with him, I was a teenager, teenagers are notorious of being self-centered and I couldn't see as I, you know, I had a test of cleaning up that too after a job, He did stained glass windows in churches across the country, second largest stained glass studios in the country and about all I could be trusted was to clean up that door, later what I did, the artwork and all that stuff fascinating but he had me doing clean up so they'd finish, they did style some beautiful windows or they repair, they are invariably, people stepped around from cleaning supply, dust, you know, pieces of metal, chips of glass, you name it, it was slaying around and often time in these old churches, they were dusty old creep tight places especially on the upper level like behind the balcony, areas that you could not really see, the public didn't get to so they had years of dust build up and stuff they have fallen back there and I would through there, clean things up. what you need to do, you need to clean all this stuff, so what's are in the 400 years why would I clean that.. That explains you know, the whole process of leaving things nicer than you found them, you know it has something from camping and I understood that but I didn't see the value in this work atmosphere then but I said that of closed door short they raved about what a great job he did, sometimes they did even noticed the cleaning enough, hey that was awesome what you did cleaning our 50-year old mess. Sometimes it is completely unnoticed all they knew is that they sell better after his company has come in there and done work. So again that's my client used to do, he makes sure that it's clean, that's the minimum and then also, he is so good about communicating with the client, there is so many companies today the one leave a mess but two, do their stuff and leave and no communication, you don't know one does not work, because it might not be, help them running long enough to be cool and two, what they actually did which is invaluable,in fact I remember, before I met this client, he has said become my SA guy because he's so good, I have used another airconditioning company, they came out, did what they were supposed to do and left and I have no clue, I have to fo track them down, what did you do? I want to know what happened? what was needed so that if I run to this again, I know what to do, some companies say hey that's cutting your own frame that catch you out of a future repair job if you tell them what to do. I have completely different philosophy which is evident in this park yes, I would give you everything to do, I will meet with a client and I will spell it out, I take a look at what they are doing and I'll say here are the things you need to do, go for it and let him go and I have client who go oh yeah awesome I don't have to pay you and then my clients go and run with it and side of it and then later they come back and say yeah that's a lot of work, do you want this then do it, I've got already established with them one that I know that I can do it, two that I care enough about them as a client, as a human being, then I am not here to rip them off, I'm here to offer my services, if they are ready to use my services, then, you know, we get an agreement and we make it happen but the other things you can do is giving of a company that is a subscription-based website and we discovered initially what they're doing was just paid, take your money, you have access to everything on the website and we're done, and that's a clear transaction and that was one of the things that the owners really like about the business model is that "hey it's like we shine them up, we're done, we don't have to do a whole lot more work" but in fact in customer attention, we discovered something as simple as sending them an email and not a spam email, sending them an email with some useful information want some order or something was enough to make the retention rate go through the roof because in the past somebody signs up, they me and my map have an, me and my map used the site regularly so the email one reminds them that they're a human, you care about them and gives them some useful information but it also 1, reminds them that the site is there they are not using it and 2, it gives them a can do it because, it says in that email, hey if you have any problems, contact us and gives a real contact information and they have taken  advantage of that and I tell you what the ahh, you have probably heard this before too, the best customer is a customer that was dissatisfied, that allowed you to solve their problems, allowed you to come in and address their dissatisfaction and it's just so rare that the companies do that that they give, instead of this take take take of  your money. That's my message to you today is a giver's game, so definitely, be a giver and until next time, this has been the marketing drive, I am Chris Doelle, reminding you, to keep it real.

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