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Welcome to Episode 66 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

In this episode I wanted to talk about store layouts. There is a lot of research on how humans react in certain environments and where the most traffic occurs and this can all be used to boost sales in a store or even on a website!

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Marketing Drive. I am Chris Doelle, and this is yet again another show where I use my commute time to talk about one actionable marketing idea and yet again this is one I'm recording while walking so, you will hear traffic noises, you may hear wild life because I am walking around big pond right now and freshen up with the chicken here and the ducks. yeah, I don't know if you hear that noise, anyway I wanna talk about, physical store locations and I understand not all of you have a physical locations that does not mean this won't be useful information to you, it's in my opinion always good to keep learning, who knows when it will apply to you down road. Studies have been done about the past that people take through your store, supermarkets have spent a lot of money on this and interestingly enough they have done a lot of money, they have all this data but they have not, I guess they have sometimes, they have moved some products but they haven't changed the layout, we are humans, are wired to be constantly scanning the horizon, constantly looking for a  threat if we go back in time to when we're living up out in the wild, we have to look for bears, we have to look for lions, predators of the human nature, we have to be on a look out for them, so we like an obstructed views. That's why from the oldest days, people when they do pray to settlement, they do it on the top of the hill, or they can overlook, and see what's coming up them, and you'll notice, when you go shopping, there are stores, you instantly feel comfortable in, I'm here to tell you this because of, it's not a product, maybe yes, maybe a candy store and that can make you happy but it also makes you happy because, you don't have hidden things behind corners, supermarket sales are notorious for being this toll of things several feet over your line of sight and long and falls together because somewhere along the line, somebody, some pick of pushers tell them, you need to cram as much product into smaller spaces possible and that's been the tradition, you're seeing the change, you're seeing some of these stores that are more often of to have rows and interesting angles that are cut open into common areas with maybe big barrels full of stuff or ways tight tables full of stuff and you instantly feel better about them, There are usually, like the whole food types and there is a few here in Texas that I can't recall when I'm just speaking of the cop. They did hit maps where they track, they simply press on a shopping cart and an AFID device and he centers throughout the store so you could tell within a foot of where those people went and they track and they pay attention to where those traffic was but what did they discover was, the absolute lowest traffic was in the center of the aisles and that's because think of it, as you are going in, you are getting more and more box in, you have less and less vision around the corners and think about this, when you are pushing your shopping cart, what are you doing when you hit the end of the row, you slow down and you ease up because you're not sure some people is gonna come flying down the aisle in their cart and slam it to you, that happens all of the time. In the stores where they don't have the big cross of aisles that does not happen, so how does it apply to you, well if we have a physical location, it's pretty obvious. Open your eyes and sight, open the ability when I'm standing here looking at the table that's just below waist high, scan all your products, make sure I can see something interesting, the next roll over and not see just what's in front of me 2 feet and blocking me. That will cause people to me under more and it's also been proven that me under rules spen a lot more money. They did several studies where they track intended purchases once they actually payment specifically to buy and then, on intended purchase, once they buy, just because they saw them and sure enough the store that created more me under ring solve more an intentional products but give this, interesting stats, 60% of what is purchased in retail grocery stores is unintended. People go in for a gallon a month local bread and maybe something to cook after night and that ends up being 40% of the purchase for the day. That's huge. So you want to do anything you can to encourage people to browse, to take a look around. How does it work if you don't have physical store. Well, same thing can be done online, you can make your site more inviting. The different options, you've got sites where all you can see is one call to action and that's it and there are people who live by that, who say look that's the only way you need to be clear, you need to be concise, this is the only thing, I want my customers to do, that's fine if it's a lead capture site and your goal is to get an email or to get a contact or have them call you, that's your only goal but if you're selling multiple things, you've got to be able to, for them to notice them, to be able to see them, and it's kind of, it's probably much longer that I can go through into right now but there is Science there too, you could weigh too many choices, if you just do, say links to your 7,000 articles. That's gonna blind them, they are nor going to pay attention to that at all. Let's say you have links to your 7,000 articles with sales people on, wow there's a lot here but in the spheres you have images, people are so visual and we do that on a website with lots of content but we also call out specific things, we draw attention to things and we find the way we do that, people respond and we get more traffic to those things, the business model where is traffic, we're not actually selling a product, we're not selling jeans, a hat or anything like that, but you do have a site that retails products, you need to make it easier to define. Hopefully this is helpful to you who have physical locations take it managed of how we are wired as humans and try to make your physical location as comfortable as possible, as a feeling and easy to see what you have to offer as possible. Thanks again for joining me on the marketing drive, I am Chris Doelle, reminding you, to keep it real.

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