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Welcome to Episode 69 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

Rather than waiting forever to get something perfect it is much more effective to be a real "imperfect" person and progress with your business.

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

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Progression is what this episode is all about. I am actually leaving a client's office right now. I am walking our completely stoke because 1. He didn't tell me what we were meeting for and sure he's not doing a hundred percent of what we should be doing but he's doing more than most and I guess let me backup, in my marketing, my system is take a look at your business, figure out the best way to tell your story and then find the best medium to tell that story and then put together to steps the pieces that are required to tell the story to its fullest. So, in this relationship, with this client, there are about 10 steps and I would give you his exact points but just so you know generally what I am talking about, let's say you are doing content marketing, there is writing articles, there is posting those articles on Facebook, posting them on Twitter, posting on LinkedIn, there is just varying other pieces of it that if they are all done and can search, it's really held with your search engine optimization, it help you get found on Google. When people are searching for what it is you do and that's the ultimate goal of any marketing is to be the person that is easiest to find when people know what they are looking for. So, in that, I walked in to the client, of course we do the opportunities, the greetings and things like that, how's your family, how's your friends, how's business and then he just said "alright, I need your help and I know I can count on you" and I'm like "wow, this might be serious, this might be like family stuff or something, so of course some like that, I push again and he said "I was talking to somebody, who is a marketer" and he said "he looked at what I am doing in marketing?" he says "I love this, I love this, I love that". You are missing this, right in the middle, there is a piece you need, right here that would make your marketing so much better and that piece was some personalization and you know I talked about that all the time, how you need to make it real. You need to keep it real, you need to show people that you are real person and that they can count  on you. Of Course, the temptation was, look, that's exactly what I have told you, I have been telling you for 2 years, that's the piece you need but there is nothing to gain from I told you, so instead I'm like excellent, you say "how did you do it?" and of course because our relationship is great and we've been working together for years, the other guy told him who I'm sure, probably offered those services at exact same time but he didn't because we are in such a good business relationship and as a business but just as people we are in a good relationship, I consider him a really good friend, because of that, he didn't even hesitate, he took the info here, calls me and says "hey, how do we implement this. So, I told him "Here is what we'll do, we go here, let's shoot some video, let's shoot some simple Youtube video, 1 minute, 2 minute time and I walk you through it and as we're doing it in fact we shot one and he said "let's do the first one where I just say - hey, this is my marketing guy Chris and we're gonna start doing a video series, so look for it" That's what he chose, that's the first video where the two of us saying there is gonna be videos and it couldn't get more real then. That's not highly polished, that is not special effects and fancy titling, that is just him being real about what he's doing and that's why he has a good business because he is real. So, he did the ultimate real video, we did it, I showed him how to do it, he didn't even know how to record a video and I showed him how to do it. We walk through the steps, I walk through how to send it to me when he's done so that I can put some title information, give it a name, then upload to Youtube, I can embed it on his webpage, I can share that and do all that stuff that I do and it's funny as we are finishing up and he said several times "I just knew I can count on you". To me, that made me feel great because there is no greater compliment you can tell somebody than "I know I can count on you" and that is in manipulative way, right? In a real way. As he's winding up and as he's finishing and learning how to do this, he's goes "you know, you told me to this like 2 years ago". So, I didn't have to say, I just smiled and said "yeah! you know there are times when you're ready". When you're ready, then it presents itself and apparently took somebody else to reiterate that again and he didn't remember it until we were doing it. So, that's, I guess, my advice to you, is, don't worry that you are not doing everything perfect, ride it off the top because one, doing all of it has a cost, the more you do in marketing, the more your marketing is going to cost, the pretty simple formula and if your marketing is not producing income for you right away, it's a laugh leader. So if you go in, full steam and you just push, push, push, it's a big loss and it could bear long time before you go from the red into the black, so, yes, it's okay to do it partially. Understand, you get partial results. If you have the funds, make the plan push hard. If you don't, then, pick the most important things and move forward slowly and measure and continue to build what it is you're doing.

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