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Welcome to Episode 78 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

In this episode we are gonna talk about launching your new podcast. And we will explain some of the tips that other people give you and tell you the REAL way to get your podcast going!

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

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Hi this is Chris Doelle, welcome to the Marketing Drive. This is the show where I use my commute time to talk about one bit of information that can help you in your marketing. Today I want to talk to about your podcasting ventures. If you're not podcasting...you should talk to me. I'll explain why you should be podcasting and how you can do it without a ton of effort, too. You don't have to make it a troublesome ordeal. I want to talk about the launch of your podcast. There's a lot of people who say you should do 5 episodes before you launch for a couple of reasons. One, that you'll know what you're doing better right then, your 5th one will be so much better than your 1st one, and then when you launch that's what people will get. There's other people who say if you do that on iTunes you can sort of game the system, and by that I mean what they say is, if you launch your podcast on iTunes you have 5 plus episodes already, when somebody subscribes to you, they'll download 5 episodes. And then, you get 5 times the downloads which shoots you to the top of the chart in what's called "New and Noteworthy". And you know conventional wisdom is that if you show up and you rank high on the "New and Noteworthy" you'll get a lot more subscribers. Well, couple things wrong with that premise. One, "New and Noteworthy" doesn't guarantee you're gonna have a successful podcast. What guarantees  you'll have a successful podcast is that you educate or you entertain and that it reaches your target audience, they react and respond to what you're doing and you build a quality. There is no shortcut to that, you have to engage with them. But the other thing that I guess stands out why you wouldn't want to launch with 5 plus episodes is, who cares if your first couple episodes aren't amazing. You know...everything I have told you and everyone of these...everyone of these article preparations, everyone of the conferences I've spoken at. So the number thing that you'll hear every time coming out of my mouth is to keep it real. In fact, I end every show for the last 14, 16 years with keep it real. And, putting together 5 in a row until you get to your best most, polished show, that's not real. What's real is "Hey guys, I'm venturing out on this new podcasting gig and here's the idea I have for it. Then give me some feedback, let me know if this works for you or if it doesn't work for you." And then on the second show you're like "Hey, I know what I'm doing in a podcast and here's how we gonna start for it" And eventually by the time you get to that 5th one you're going to "Welcome to Podcast XYZ, I'm Joe Spirit and here's what we'll talk about" and then you jump right in. So that learning curve for you, having that in the public eye or public ear as if it were, there's value in that, there's a lot of value in that. One, for so many times you show people that you're real, show people that you are a human.  You're not a company, trying to get their money. That's what the "media" is, they are a massive conglomeration of companies whose sole purpose is to separate you from your money. No, that's what new media is all about. Rich new media is about being real, about being vulnerable, being exposed and showing to all this who I am, yes, yes I'm real! That's big, that's powerful. So, don't worry that you're not polished yet, that you're not perfect, that you don't sound like Rush Limbaugh, or Rachel Maddow, or Glenn Beck, or Howard Stern. You're not David Letterman, you're you.  And you know what people like you. But people like you because you're you. And don't be ashamed of being you in your content creation. Podcasting is one of those most powerful method of content creations because right now I'm talking to you, you're hearing me in your hear, you're hearing the emotion when I say something and that's powerful. It's not scripted, it's powerful. So don't be ashamed to be who you are. In fact, use it because that's what makes you so grateful. So enough kumbayah! Get out there and launch your podcast. I want to thank you for listening to the Marketing Drive. I'm Chris Doelle, reminding you to keep it real!

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