Procedures for Blog Writing

This document will give step by step instructions on what you need to do to write a blog post on WordPress.

Login to your blog (usually the login screen is located at using the login information provided to you by your hosting service or the login information you created when you set up WordPress on your domain.

On the left hand side there should be a tab called “Posts” hover over it and hit “Add New”
Consult your blog ideas document or notes to find a subject to write about and do a google search for that subject to find material to write from.

Go back to the new blog, enter in the title for your new blog post

Begin to read the material you found and rewrite it into the body of the blog post.

Add headers where you see fit to make it more presentable

After you finish writing do a google image search for the subject and get a picture that is NOT one of the first images that appear. copy the link to the image and paste it on the bottom of the blog post (it will be reviewed later). If you have custom images that is even better!

Check the post for spelling and grammar mistakes.

In the top right of the page there is a button labeled “Publish” click it and save the post. You can also click on the “Edit” link next to “Publish Immediately” to change the day it publishes if you would like to schedule it later.

Things to be Thinking About

In order to make a good blog post for a client there are a few things you need to be aware of while writing.

Content marketing is all about content. 95% of the content should be informational or entertaining. 5% can be advertising. Do not try to sell a client’s product while writing.

Google Search Engine will not rate a site highly if it finds duplicate posts somewhere else. Copy/paste is not your friend.

Google Search likes to see longer posts. At least 400 words or more is needed to get a good rating from Google.

Google Search is all about Keywords. If you want to get brownie points make a note of a keyword that you want to focus on for your blog and make sure it is in a heading inside the blog post body as well as in the title and a few times in the paragraphs. This is the best way to get Google’s keyword search to rate you higher.

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