Writing an Effective Blog Post

There are a number of things that make an effective blog that is necessary for any post you make on WordPress.

  1. Content
  2. Keywords
  3. Images with Title and Alt Tags
  4. Headings
  5. Links pointing away from the site
  6. SEO Setup
  7. Post Scheduling
  8. Content

We will only be covering the first two in this free blog post. If you want to see the rest click here!

Content is the bulk or the meat of the post. The content should be about a single subject and should last at least be 2 paragraphs or 300 words. The only exceptions to this are:

Holiday Posting: Wishing readers “Happy Holidays” is quite difficult to extend to 250 words. This kind of posting should be extremely rare and only happen a few times a year. When it is time for a holiday post you should make it very visually appealing.

Series Posting: Some clients have a series of commonly made posts or a post that has been broken into parts. Examples of this are: Weekly Featured Products, Monthly Checklists, or Bullet Listing Facts on a certain subject. Again these posts should be visually appealing and/or link to the client’s social media sites.

Video Posting: Sometimes a client has a video they would like to share and have on their website. For these posts the amount of text can be cut down. The video should be hosted on Youtube or another video hosting site and not uploaded directly inside the site.

The content cannot be a copy/paste from anywhere. You must rewrite anything you would like to copy from. The best way to get a unique blog post is to find 2 blog posts about the same subject and combine their ideas together into a new post.


Keywords are the words people type into search engines that help them find the information they are looking for. Keywords should be included in the entire blog post (Title, content, image naming). The keyword is basically the subject of the entire post. Keywords can be up to a 3 word phrase as well. Example if you wrote a blog post about removing spray paint from a brick wall you could title it “Spray Paint Removal” and your keyword choice could be that title.

Your keyword should also be included in images you add to your blog post. So we will keep the spray paint example and let’s say you found an image of graffiti on a wall. You should rename the image to fit your keyword but always make sure it is relevant to the image still. A good name for it would be “spray paint removal from a wall” This is a good title for the image because it includes your keyword and still makes it relevant to what the picture actually is. Your alt tag can be the exact same thing as the title.

You CAN over do a keyword! A keyword should only appear in a blog post 2.5% of the time. So if you wrote a decent 250 word blog post your keyword or keyword phrase should only appear twice.

Note: If your keyword is plural and in your writing it is not plural, it will not be counted as well. Example: if your keyword is “Apples” and you said – “Another use for an apple is to make juice.” It would not be as highly rated as saying “Another use for apples is to make juice from them.” Keep that in mind when writing about.

If you want to see the rest click here!

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