Different Types of Blog Post Ideas for your Website

Sometimes you just can’t come up with what to write about…

1. Create a Photo Post
Take pictures of your family, business, products, anything relevant to your life and your company! Images bring a lot of attention to a blog post and if you make sure to use your titles and alt tags wisely you can get extra brownie points from Google!

2. Host a Giveaway
Got a product or a maybe a duplicate gift from the company Christmas party that might be worth giving out to a deserving follower of yours? Use your blog to host a giveaway for it! Make sure you share out your blog post via all your social media platforms multiple times to make sure it reaches as many people as it can. You could even use a Google Form to capture emails during this as well as help determine a winner.

3. Create a List
Most of the time when someone is casually looking on the internet they are not looking for a detailed analysis of every trend happening that month, week, day, etc. They want a quick list of the TOP 10 BEST OF THE SEASON. Making a list is an easy way to get post put out there and by sticking a time to the end like season, month, week, you can make it a regular appearance that people can keep coming back to!

4. Run a Contest
Much like hosting a giveaway except you don’t have to give anything away (if you don’t want to). Running a contest can be a great way to get your followers and customers actively checking on your company to see how they are doing. The contest could give your followers titles like “Top Commenters” or “Most Knowledgeable About Cats” it doesn’t matter. The point of running a contest is to engage your audience and get them coming back to do a task on your website.

5. Review a Product
Why not review a product you recently used? Maybe it was something that helped immensely while you helped out a client? Be careful not to boast about how great your own products are with these blog posts. You don’t need to be writing an Ad in your blogs. Basic example of this that would be good for your site.. let’s say you are a nail company, “Howard’s Nails”, and a client of yours needed a nail in the wall for a picture frame. You would review the hammer you used to get the nail into the wall and how it helped you achieve your task. You then get your bonus points to your website by linking to the hammer’s company and publicly showing you back them by sharing on social medias and using the hammer companies’ hashtags.

6. Make a Guide or Tutorial
You are a professional in your field. You know what’s what. Well take some time to show someone how it is done. Record yourself doing it while explaining how to do it, or take pictures of each step it doesn’t matter. There is no point in keeping how and what you accomplish your job a secret. Unless you work in Area 51.

7. Do an Interview Post
Know anyone with a great story to tell? Maybe your grandfather founded the company? Go talk to him and make a blog post about your company’s origin story! Or maybe you know a celebrity or a famous business man/woman who against all odds created XYZ Company and made it what it is today!

8. Info graphic Post
Info graphics are great ways to visualize data and oh boy they are popular these days. If you got the skills you should make an info graphic yourself about your company! (If you aren’t skilled in graphic design maybe your 14 year old son/daughter/niece/nephew is? And I am sure they wouldn’t mind an extra $20 their way). Getting a custom info graphic for your company can really boost visual appeal and understanding of what it is you do.

9. Make a GIF post
GIF images are picture files that are able to animate, most are between 3-10 seconds and feature some kind of funny or cool subject. There are many websites to help you make GIF images, one such one is makeagif.com (go figure). While just posting a bunch of GIF images is a bad idea, GIF images themselves are not. Try to add GIF images to any post you think is appropriate.

10. Tell a Secret
Now, I am not saying you should go spill the beans behind your company so someone can read it and take over. More like tell a secret behind one of your products that may not be common knowledge. Like how Granny adds cinnamon to her cake batter to add that extra little bit of flavor to every bite… sorry Granny I know it was a secret.

11. Be Inspirational and Motivational!
Tell your followers they can do it! Then tell them how! Are you a plumber? Well a follower of yours just had a pipe leak and there is water all over the floor. Tell them not to worry, what they can do to fix or protect their floor from the leak and then tell them to call you if they need your help! It is not always about your company, sometimes the clients and customers need to know they can do it too!

12. Share your Travel and Convention Experience
Take your company to a convention in Las Vegas to show off what you got? Well tell your followers how it went and what you did! It is a great way to catch your blog up after being gone. Or if you will be there for an extended period of time it is a good way to keep them updated.

13. Bust a Few Myths
Anyone can be a Mythbuster. You are an expert at what you do! Maybe you know something others don’t really know or have the wrong impression about.

14. Share your Goals
Customers and clients want to know that you are a human being. One of the best ways to show that is to post your personal goals and your business goals and update them as they reach checkpoints. This brings your company down to a personal level that they can relate to.

15. Company News
If your company isn’t a top secret 007 agency odds are you will have events going on for holidays at your workplace that could reach out to the public. Rather than just have the random people that come in to see you on those holidays why not announce the even ahead of time to encourage people to come in?!

16. World News
Did someone just invent a product that would be amazing with your product? Or maybe someone created an upgrade to a piece you use and you will be upgrading as well. Well let your followers know how much more awesome you became cause of this. Or better yet, maybe it is just a really cool product and you wanted to talk about it. That’s cool too.

17. Invite your Followers to Submit Reviews/Posts
Ask your followers to submit a review of your product or service. You should be doing this in person after you sell them your stuff but you can also maybe get some people you missed. Testimonials are powerful tools for selling your products and services and should be put out on a page when you get a few good ones! You can also ask your followers to write a post too, if they have a story about how you came to the rescue with your products and services then you could post that as a new and powerful blog later!

18. Tell some Jokes
If all else fails make the audience laugh. You might want to stay away from one liners and look for some longer more story like jokes to fill out the post. And make sure it is still somewhat relevant to you. Random jokes in the middle of a professional blog could be a turnoff for some people. If you really gotta post some jokes to your followers, jokes are perfect for social media.

19. Make an Epic Fail/Success Post
If you want to show more of your human side making a fail post could really show that. Maybe you were still in training and hadn’t quite learned the “quantum bicapulators” from the “quantum megaoverdrivers” and you mixed them up and caused the fax machine to transform into an evil death machine but lucky it had to stay connected to the phone line so it was taken care of easily. Epic successes are more powerful for a follower to read though because it tells them how you dealt with a scenario and it came out just flawless and if they have something like that happening to them then they will definitely think of you.

20. Ask your Followers for their Support
There is nothing wrong with asking your readers to follow your twitter and like your facebook account in a blog post. Make sure to give them links to them so they can do so easy. Make sure these posts are rare, you don’t need to be sounding desperate or cluttering your blog with these posts.

21. Make a Poll
Not sure if your pizza shop should keep that special heart shape pizza around all year? Ask your followers to decide for you. You can not only engage your followers but also make them feel they are a part of your business. You could also use this poll to capture emails and maybe even run a contest and give a few lucky voters a free pizza just for voting? I would vote for that chance.

22. Publish Some Little Known Facts
Tell your followers the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow (about 11 meters per second). Or better, tell them some facts about your products or services that they may not have known. Facts or tips about better ways to take care of a problem for cheap? This can be a great way to inform your audience about something useful and make you more trustworthy to your followers. The best part is if you make it seem more like a secret they are bound to tell their friends about it and their friends will want to know where they got it from.

23. Important Dates
Celebrate important dates with your followers! Is it your company’s 10th year anniversary this month? Tell them! Add a promotion that only followers would know about? Celebrating dates is an easy way to build more audience and build a better community around your company. Posting important dates should come with a nice history lesson to help build a more personal relationship with your followers.

24. Tell your Followers how to Succeed
Just because you are in the business of repairing air conditioning units does not mean you should withhold valuable information about how to keep it running good! If you know some tips or tutorials on how to help your followers succeed and have a better life you should share them for sure.

25. Do a Video Post
Say “Hello” or update them on current statuses, show off store renovations, you name it! Just get out there with your camera and record you being a human being. Getting video of yourself is a fantastic way of showing you are a real person and people want to do business with real people! Also if you make it a tutorial, there are many people (like myself) who will appreciate a video tutorial a whole lot more than a written one!

26. Start a Mailing Campaign
For this you might want to make a page that captures emails for you and use the blog post to advertise it for you. But if you want to get some of your follower’s emails you can use a mailing campaign with your blog to send the devoted followers your posts early and send special promotions via email. Even if some promotions come out for everyone you could let your mailing list know about it a week ahead of time so they can be the first to take advantage of your savings.

27. Answer your Commenters
If you notice you have quite a bit of comments stacking up and you can’t reply to every single one when they show up the next best thing to do is to make a FAQ post! Go through your comments and find as many questions as you can and answer each one in your next post!

28. Make a Better “About Me” Post
Between your website’s “about me” page and your social medias, your followers should know quite a bit about you. If you want you followers to know you even better you can tell stories about you and your company and create an About Me post. Talk more in depth about getting your company started, getting your products or services going, your family, and your motivations.

29. Everyone Loves Charts
You have vertical and horizontal bar charts, pie charts, line charts, scatter plots, and histograms to name a few. At least one of those should match up with your line of business. You can find or make one and talk about its meanings and give your followers a better understanding of how your line of work functions.

30. Shine a Light on your Best Posts
New followers might not really go back in your post history. So every quarter or so you can post the best blogs from the previous quarter. If you decide to do this you need to have quite a few blogs already done. The best ones to put attention on would be tutorials, especially video tutorials, and some of your longer blog posts that got good attention. Do not repost expired promos because that could lead to some unwanted confusion.

31. What If Post
Do a blog where you ask the question “What if the never existed?” and answer it to the best of your ability. You can get wrapped up in these kind of posts pretty fast and it can be an interesting read for your followers.

32. Pros and Cons Post
Simple, effective, and useful. The pros and cons post is a great way to inform your readers on a decision they might be making already. Pros and cons posts can also be a great way to boost your SEO. Pros and cons posts are always full of great keywords that you can use to get extra brownie points with Google.

33. Ask for feedback
You should ask for feedback as often as you can to always better yourself. Maybe your requests haven’t seen much attention though? Make a post telling your followers why you need the feedback and how they can get the feedback to you and share the post out multiple times on social media.

34. Summarize Someones Blog/News post
Find a really interesting blog post or news article on the web? Make sure you read the entire thing and then summarize it and talk about what you liked/disliked and then be sure to link back to the post in your post.

35. Make a List of Commonly made Mistakes in your Industry
Not only is this an interesting read for your followers it can also help you think of new ideas when you have writer’s block. You can reference this list and go into detail on how those mistakes happen or where people first got the wrong idea about it.

36. Post your Plans for the Future
This one is pretty self explanatory. Tell your readers what you hope to accomplish this year or what you want to be able to do within the next 5 years. You can even post later when the time comes and see how you did!

37. Thank your Followers/Customers
Another self explanatory post idea. Every now and then be sure to thank your followers. Not just on your blog but on your social media profiles.

38. Make a Series of Posts
Series posts are great ways to get a few posts out of the way during times where blogging is difficult for you. Think of a subject that can be broken into 3 or more posts. Make sure what you are talking about is not time sensitive for people who might need it to have it all ready for them. Posting a series of Fact or myth busting posts is a good idea for a non time sensitive post series. Be sure not to post these back to back. Stick to your schedule. Once a week? Post it every other week.

39. Post an Audio File
This post requires a bit of thinking ahead. If you are camera shy you can always record your voice instead. Maybe you did an interview with an expert the other day and recorded it? Or maybe you ask customers to leave an audio comment when you checkout at your store? Audio files can be an interesting addition to any blog.

40. Make a List of Online Resources
Making a list of online resources that are useful to you could also be useful for your followers! Plus linking to other online sites can really give a nice boost to your site in the eyes of the almighty Google Search Engine.

41. Create an A-Z Post
You might need some time to think about this one. First think of a subject and write a list from A to Z about everything you need to know about it. Sure you can skip a few really difficult ones like X and Q and just end with “Zzz” (because it took some much out of you to come up with this list). Once you got it down though, you will have one really great post full of interesting content you can elaborate on later in future posts even!

42. Create a Glossary for your Industry
Sometimes there are terms used to describe things in your industry and informing your followers on what those mean is actually really entertaining for writer and the reader. Just think about American Trucker language, they have terms like “float shifting” which also means to “slip shift” or “dead stick” and words like “deadheading” that the average person has no idea the meaning of.

43. Predict the Future
Have an idea where your industry is heading? See a new product you know is not as good as people are saying and is destined to fail? Let your readers know how you feel! Remember if you are going to talk someone out of buying a product then back it up with evidence and fact. You need to maintain trust with your readers.

44. Make a List of Hacks
Can your product really be fixed with duct tape in a dire circumstance? Post some hacks relating to your products! It is just another thing people are more willing to share with their friends and families. That being said, make sure you share this out on your social medias (like all your posts!)

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