Rebroadcast Ep 12 – Are you chasing new? Don’t forget about the old

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Welcome to Episode 12 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

Don't get caught up in the hype around a new platform, a new social media site - don't forget the standard marketing practices that still work.

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Today, I want to talk about something old. That's the point of today's show, it's you need to think about some of the old traditional marketing methods. Everybody gets excited about things like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, Pinterest as the new ones keep coming out. Everyone gets more and more excited about those and gets this feeling "I've  got to be out there!" and don’t get me wrong, you do! But there is also like when texting, first came out, those of big jump "Hey! I gotta figure out a way to get my business sending SMS text messages to people and that's finely good, personally, I can't stand that, but it does work for some companies. But I wanna talk about old school stuff. Obviously, networking shaking hands, pressing the flesh, that stuff is gold, but think about this, what about mail? Physical mail not just email. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would not run a business without an email campaign but so is traditional mail, and I'm not talkng about those flyers you get, circulars, people overlook those, yes, but I'm talking about a handwritten letter or maybe a post or a small sign, put on people's windshields. That used to be cutting edge marketing. Back when I lived in Houston and was starting this thing up, 20 years ago, that was cutting edge, being out there, making little Flyers and sending them on windshields key locations but people forgotten all that now and you see something old school, it's so different that it makes you take notice. Like I said a handwritten letter, that's powerful! You write a handwritten letter and attach a business card to it. Somebody is gonna read it, guaranteed! Now, you better have something good to say you, you better be able to write. People will read it. So, in this big rush to be everywhere, to take advantage of the next big thing. don’t overlook the old big things because they work. So what are you doing at that old school, as it relates to marketing. Shoot me an email it's or call me on the voicemail on 713-568-6361.

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