Rebroadcast Ep 8 – Are you marketing deep or wide?

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Welcome to Episode 8 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

Are you throwing marketing ideas on the wall and praying that something sticks?  Maybe you should focus and dig deep!

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I want to talk today about breadth versus depth in your marketing. The easiest way to understand what I’m talking about correlates to how I deal with customers, I have a client base and I work on diving deep with the client base, doing quality work, getting in there and figuring out their story and figuring out how best to tell that story. So, rather than be a one stop for hundreds of clients, that does not interest me because then I have to go real wide I can't go very deep. I can't give enough of myself if  I  have hundreds of clients. Instead, I focus on a handful of clients and go very hyper focused on what it is they need and how we tied it in the marketing is I think there is a lot of value to doing that hyper focused. You've got traditional marketing models like Coca Cola and Bud Light and all this who just plaster their name everywhere. They do branding, they do serious branding. Coca Cola is the most recognized corporate logo in the world and that's because they're everywhere, there is jingle, there's televisions, commercials, they're on at the movie theater, the ads there, they're on the television, they are everywhere. You see people wearing Coke on their shirts. So, they’re going very wide, they’re not trying to touch me as a customer, down to who I am, they are not trying to figure out what my needs are and solve them. They're trying to have brand awareness, that's it. Now, you've got other companies, like mine, we instead focus on that key core constituency that we have and dig very deep and I think that’s probably very overlooked in marketing, especially, people who maybe are not strong in marketing. Maybe you’re a plumber or perhaps you sell widgets, whatever you do, that's not your focus, it’s not about marketing for you, it's about doing your service or selling your product. So, you think, what a marketing means "I'm gonna get my name out there" so somebody comes up to you and says "Hey! I wanna sell you an ad in my magazine" and you think, "well, I don't read magazines but I've got to get out there". So you buy an ad in a magazine and it's a being one that does not get a much of a return. So, my point today is take a look at where you’re spending your marketing dollars and more importantly, where you’re spending your marketing efforts and make sure that you’re not just shotgun approaching things. You're not just throwing stuff on a wall and see something hopefully will stick. Instead, you have a real plan and you target who it is you want to get in front of, the find the best way to get in front of them. And dig deep, get in there, get known in that community. Like face to face now, and there is lots of ways to do it, lots of tools, social media as an amazing tool but again, you can use it wrong. You can go shotgun or you can go sniper and I'm telling you sniper is a much better approach.

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