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Welcome to Episode 9 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

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If you are not measuring, you are not learning.  You better get familiar with Google Analytics now!!

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Today, I'm gonna jump into something that is scary to a lot of folks. It’s scary because to completely understand it, it's actually kinda hard, its difficult stuff but I want you to know, don't be afraid, even if you get in and do the basics, there's a good information. What I am talking about is Google Analytics. For those of you who don’t know what Google Analytics are, it’s basically a way of tracking what’s happening on your website, what people are doing on your website and it can give you such useful information, like the wealth people are taking when they visit your website. So, they go to the front page and then, they never go anywhere. That tells you a little something. You've got to be intuitive about this data but it's good stuff. If they go to that front page and never go anywhere else, then you know that page does not entice them to take any kind of action. Now, if you are getting a ton of phone calls based on your front page, you don't care if they go anyplace else but if you have a signup form barred from where in your website and they're not getting to it, then you need to address that and you need to figure out how people are hitting your sites, are they hitting? And I've got all kinds of different sites for different industries. Obviously, I do stuff for clients. So, I've seen a wide range of how people get to a site. There are some sites that are destinations like CNN. You'll go to CNN just to see what's happening and you’ll look for an article on that page that looks interesting, then you'll click that, Google analytics will track, oh okay, it won't give your name, it will give some demographics about you, this guy, because you filled out a cookie somewhere, that data knows everything, this guy from Texas visited your website using Mozilla Firefox browser, using the English language and when he was on that front page, he stayed there for an average 1 minute before clicking off, he clicked off because he clicked on this article and this article is the one that entice people. That's valuable information to know that this article causes people to click, this other one that maybe, you thought is your baby and that's your sweetheart article. You felt that's the one that will get on them, will make you famous, nobody's visiting it, maybe because the headlines text, maybe because the image isn't good, maybe because it has no image, maybe, just possibly, because nobody has an interest in that subject and maybe just you. So, I urge you to install Google analytics, it's not hard, it's a piece of tracking code. Again, it's complex when you go to Google Analytics. When you go to Google Analytics website and sign up, it lets you to put in your web address and they'll say "okay, here is your unique code, here is a snippet of code you need to add to the head section of every page of your site. Yes, that's complex, if you don't know how to edit HTML, or you don't have access to an interface that makes it easier, then you probably needs some help but I can't stress enough how vitally important information is. Information is power and get out there, put it in and play around and if you screwed up, big deal! You go back and you look at the reports and you'll go "Oh! nobody is ever visiting my site". That could be true but it could be you just don't have it configured right or it could be you get some data and it's not what you're expecting. And there is a lot of tweaks you can do. You can set filters, you can append information from your adwords. It gets really complex to do it, super well but the basic reporting and that's free, basic reporting is good stuff. So, I would highly encourage you to spend some time, get that set up, get somebody who knows how to set that up for you and make it happen. It will really help figure out if your online presence is doing anything.

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