Tips for Setting Up a Business Blog

Tips for Setting Up a Business Blog

Are you looking to start a blog for your business? If so, then you have to make sure that your blog must get good results. There are a lot of different setups available for your blog. There are different designs and functionality options that you have to consider when you are going to setup blog.

To help you setup a successful blog, here are 7 important elements that you need to consider in setting up your business blog.

1. Choose the best blog layout available.

There are 3 blog layouts that commonly used by bloggers:

  • A 3-column layout with 2 sidebars and the main content column.
  • A 2-column layout with only one sidebar and the main content column.
  • A 1-column layout with only the main content column.

Each of these layouts have their own advantages and disadvantages to them.

2. Make your blog mobile-friendly.

It’s important that you make your blog mobile-friendly regardless of the layout you’ve chosen.

3. Be sure to include multiple opt-in forms.

You need to add multiple opt-in forms on your blog, if you want your readers to become email subscribers to help promote your products or services.

4. Configure your SEO settings.

This is an important step that you should never miss because it’ll help your blog to get additional visibility in looking for more keywords.

5. Add social sharing buttons.

Social sharing buttons are necessary for all your contents. You must make sure to add them in all of your blog contents so your readers will be able to share your content easily, on the social media.

6. Add content analytics to your blog.

7. Create several unique user accounts.

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